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full-time Kiwimydata Berlin is a 10-month old B2B Startup located in Berlin. We are rethinking how companies, teams and people work and engage with corporate data (insights) in times of push notifications, slack collaboration and increasing amounts of data.

So far we have attracted more than 400 companies (including Nike Technologies, Spotify, Walmart and many smaller ones) world-wide, mainly through our Slack and Tableau Integration. See it working:

We’ve now started testing our primary MVP: A “magical” monitoring engine that constantly runs algorithms on company’s sales, marketing or whatever data => looking for relevant insights. Once something is found we Bring Data to Business. That means we send short & precise BI messages via Slack. e.g. “Your revenue for Kiwis in Germany went up by 90% compared to last week” – with a little chart attached.

Our main challenge right now is to engage / communicate with our Sign-Ups at scale (Intercom). We need to improve Kiwi’s onboarding, explain existing use-cases (create content) and ask-for, respectively process customer’s feedback (many calls)

Besides that you should be thrilled and have fun to explore / understand customer needs with Business Intelligence and be able to abstract that to the Kiwi solution and mid-term product vision.

You should: – have good communications skills – a visionary mindset – be willing to learn new stuff daily and – work hard / independently.

This addresses but is not limited to business people! Data geeks and inspirational people are always welcome :)

We are 100% bootstrapped and intend to stay that for another couple of month until first revenue comes in and value goes up!

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P.s. We can start anytime with a freelance contract and convert that to shares later.
published: Aug. 8, 2017

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