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Business Intelligence Lead (BI)

full-time Growth Street London

About the role

Growth Street is looking for a Business Intelligence Lead to manage and grow a team of analysts and pioneer the use of data across the business.

Growth Street has built a BI stack that promotes self-service data exploration by all employees, driven by usage of Looker. On a day-to-day basis, the business intelligence team develops datasets, models, and reports in Looker and our data warehouse. BI analysts run training sessions to teach colleagues how to ‘self-serve’ their own reports and analysis. The team manages the underlying infrastructure that powers BI. This includes third-party ETL tools and open-source data modeling software.

As BI Lead, you would contribute directly to that day-to-day work. You will contribute to the codebase, build models and reports, and manage data projects spanning the whole business. You will run training sessions to empower colleagues across the business to make better data-driven decisions. You will also be responsible for supporting the other members of the team, helping them do their best work and providing training to help them gain new skills. It will be your responsibility the manage the infrastructure that the BI team uses, from ETL tools to the data warehouse itself.

In the short to medium-term, the role will require you to be hands-on, spending some of your time delivering projects and analysis yourself. Over time, as the team grows, you’ll spend more time managing the team and driving the use of data across the business.

The role requires a healthy mix of technical and analytics skills. Your job will be to lead the use of data across every function at Growth Street. You will be responsible for defining data strategy, running the BI team, and promoting data-driven decision making. BI works with teams including credit, sales, marketing, legal, operations, and engineering. Long term, this role will also include the development of data science expertise at Growth Street.

About us

At Growth Street, we’re passionate about understanding growing businesses and helping them succeed.

We operate a peer-to-peer platform that matches investors’ funds with ambitious businesses. Our marketplace offers borrowers lines of credit from £25k up to £2m. Our product is similar to a traditional bank overdraft, but we want to be smoother, faster and more efficient!

Whether we’re speaking to customers or to each other, we try at all times to live by our core values:

  • Be curious – We celebrate diversity and we love to learn new things. Whether you’re passionate about taekwondo or opera, we want to hear from you. We’re eager to learn, share and use knowledge to positively impact our customers: that’s why we ask everyone to be curious.
  • Be in sync – We’re only as strong as the sum of our parts, and when we bring our skills and talent together for each other and our customers we are at our most incredible. That’s why we are always working to be in sync.
  • Beat expectations – At Growth Street, we work for our customers. We’re dedicated to thinking about what customers need, now and in the future, and going out of our way to beat expectations.

Key responsibilities

  • Owning data strategy across Growth Street
  • Modeling data using SQL to prepare ‘production’-ready datasets for the business to use
  • Building models, dashboards and reports in Looker satisfying the business’s reporting needs
  • Integrating new datasets into the business. Recently, this has been focused on accounting and banking data.
  • Reviewing code, reports and analysis produced by the BI team
  • Owning all the infrastructure that underpins the BI team’s work: Stitch, dbt, Redshift, Looker.
  • Hiring the future analysts that will help Growth Street grow
  • Provide leadership and mentorship to members of the BI team
  • Training teams across the business, allowing to fulfill their reporting and monitoring requirements
  • Promote Growth Street’s use of data, technology and analysis within finance and the broader business ecosystem
  • Working with all senior stakeholders to understand and identify the reporting requirements

About you

We think this role will be a good fit for someone who is currently a strong Senior Analyst and/or someone with some management experience looking to make the next jump up in seniority. We will need you to still have a desire to be hands-on with the team’s work, while also having an opinion on how BI should be done and driving that strategy forward.

Ideally, you will have had experience in another high-growth business and used to the types of modern BI technologies that startups use. You should be familiar with the key components of a BI stack (ETL, modeling, data warehouse, BI/visualisation tools).

You will need to have strong SQL skills to strive in this role - most of our work is SQL based. We use SQL with a tool called dbt to transform all of our data into datasets ready to be consumed by the business. A bit of experience with Python would be a plus. We use it for ad-hoc scripting. The Growth Street applications are also predominantly built in Python.

Finally, strong communication skills are necessary. Each member of the BI team manages their own projects and needs to have strong stakeholder management skills. You will need to be able to effectively communicate, translating requirements and findings between technical and non-technical colleagues.

Competencies & traits

We expect you to be…

  • Tech savvy: You are enthusiastic about technology. You have a passion for innovation and love playing around with new tools and libraries
  • Data driven: You have deep understanding of how to set metrics across a company as it scales.
  • Collaborative & confident: You seek first to understand and then be understood. You are able to deal with conflicting stakeholder requirements and are able to turn a win-lose into a win-win. You love explaining things to other people - not because you love listening to your own voice but because you gain satisfaction from helping others. You can speak with technical as well as non-technical stakeholders.
  • Ambitious & reflective: You want to learn and grow. You have the ability to work alone when needed. You seek constructive feedback and apply it in a self-motivated way. You pay attention to details and think about the implications of what you are doing.
  • Focused: You prioritise and pursue what really drives value, always having the end in mind.

An impressive CV or relevant work experience alone are often not a good indicator of role- and culture-fit. You should see yourself in the above list of competencies/traits. During the interview stages, you will be tested on each of them.

SQL challenge

We ask applicants to complete a quick SQL exercise as part of their applications. Please include your answer to this problem as part of your cover letter.

  • Salary: £60-70k, depending on experience
  • Employer pension contributions of 5% of your base salary
  • Participation in an employee equity scheme
  • 25 days of holiday, plus bank holidays
  • Free access to bike storage, showers, and changing facilities
  • Free breakfast & fruit
  • Budget for books, weekly lunch & learns, a busy social calendar, and lots more...

The role is based in our London offices. We are located 2 minutes from Aldgate station, and just over 5 minutes from Liverpool Street station.

We are proud to be an equal opportunities employer.

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published: Dec. 24, 2018

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