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About us

At Welcome, we are redefining the way people travel by offering them the most personalized and complete experience. From the moment our customers step outside the airplane till they get back home, we provide them with the warmest, most informative and friendliest ride from and to the Airport, equip them with all the necessary essentials they will need during their trip, as well as stand by them for any information or product they need for the duration of their stay, through our mobile application.

Although we are just a 3-years old company, we have been named "Best New Solution in Travel for 2016", have welcomed more than 70,000 travelers across 6 countries, gathered raving reviews for our level of service, and have built an exceptional in-house team with members we brought from international behemoths such as Expedia, Booking and others.

In 2017, we plan to welcome more than 200,000 travelers across 12 countries, expand our product line to create a more wholesome in-destination travel solution, and add exceptional key people to our team.

About the role

We are currently working on expanding Welcome in a number of cities including Vienna. To do that, apart from a hard-working and resourceful team, we need local help from problem-solving, entrepreneurial-spirited people like you.

In your capacity as a City Launcher, you will help us fast-track the process of opening a city, by completing an initial number of operational tasks in an efficient and effective manner, and by helping us improve our operations along the way.

This is a project-based position with the possibility to extend and is mission-critical for us. The time-frame is relative and it will depend on your speed of completing the assigned tasks.

You need to be a resourceful problem-solver who can get to a solution faster than anybody else. A person who thrives under pressure and can work backward to complete a mission.

You are a strong multi-tasker with an exceptional ability to prioritize and manage time effectively with an owner mentality that cant remember the last time you said "thats not my problem" .


What youll do:

  • You will run all the on-ground activities to get at least 15 quality Welcomers for the city *1
  • Follow the headquarters suggestions on ways to find the right Welcomers but on the same time take initiatives and bring solutions to possible problems
  • Find a Welcome storage unit close to the airport*2.
  • Find the free materials(city maps) that will go into the Welcome gift-bag
  • Complete smaller operational tasks that will help you get the Welcomers needed, like printing material
  • Assist on research regarding Pricing, Popular routes, Local drivers regulations, Airport regulation, Welcome experiences*3


*1 Welcomers are drivers who speak very good english, have a good grasp of technology, are knowledgeable about the city, and are friendly caring people who can act as city ambassadors. They might be taxi drivers or other type of licensed drivers. A qualified lead is a driver candidate who will pass our internal checks and processes, and join the team of Welcomers for the city. We expect from you to get us the lead details as you will not be conducting the interviews. Once a driver candidate is confirmed to have passed our checks he will be counted as a qualified lead.

*2 The Welcome storage unit is a confined space in a parking building near the airport ( we are usually targeting parking lots that are cheap and relatively close to the airport). The Hub has all the necessary Welcome equipment (bags, maps, sim cards etc) so Welcome drivers can refill their supply when they run out.

  • Fluent in English
  • Advanced problem-solving skills ­with the ability to think creatively when resolving challenging situations
  • Result-driven with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Proven track record executing business development opportunities or negotiating partnerships
  • 2-4 years of operational, analytical, or sales / biz dev experience at an early stage startup, consulting firm, tech company, or volunteer organisation
  • Has a car or can offer a solution to move around the city

This is a project-based role that can last from 6 days to 9 weeks. The compensation will be a combination of a flat fee plus an amount for each qualified lead you provide. We are looking to get minimum 10 qualified leads. Qualified leads are considered the ones that end up working with us after our interview process.

The project can end after you have sourced the qualified leads and completed the list of operational tasks.


Next steps

If you feel you are one of those stellar A-players who can join our mission to expand Welcome globally and create the perfect travel experience from start to finish, go ahead and apply for the position.


"When do I start?"





published: Sept. 15, 2017

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