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Co-Founder for New Startup

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At The Eleven (, were looking for entrepreneurial Co-Founders to help give birth to and partner with us to build new businesses within the Eleven Family.

Why is this Exciting?

The Eleven is a start-up studio with significant experience building great businesses. In the last few years, we’ve built Born Social, CharlieHR and CyberSmart, amongst others. We bring talent, ideas and operation experience together, giving new ventures the greatest chance of success. Were passionate about exploring great ideas and ensuring entrepreneurial dreams become P&L reality!

You’ll begin day one with a significant advantage and probability of success - we have a number of opportunities with customers, a network and funding available that would suit different types of entrepreneurs. You will be backed by and working alongside successful entrepreneurs who between them have started over a dozen successful businesses. You’ll also benefit from administrative backing by The Eleven (, and be able to share in their experience, culture, network and space.

We don’t have a prescribed percentage of equity, nor set documents - we believe that all entrepreneurs are different, and aim to bring you into the family as a valued partner.

Your Role

You will be the founder and given the freedom to run your own entity. Whilst a lot has been written about what makes a good entrepreneur, we believe they come in many different shapes and sizes. Perhaps have a read of this:

Partnering with The Eleven will allow you to focus squarely on the most exciting and interesting parts of building your business. The time consuming and administrative tasks that tend to get in the way (admin, legals, finance etc) are all taken care of by The Elevens in-house team - your very own back office function! Utilising a shared infrastructure and pooled resources, The Eleven aims to increase a startup’s potential for success and maximise its potential for growth.

  1. You should be able to demonstrate previous initiatives which you have founded and led.
  2. You should be relentlessly resourceful. Can you demonstrate where you’ve overcome the odds, blockers and issues to help get things started previously?
  3. Smart people do tend to make better entrepreneurs. Can you demonstrate your IQ and EQ?
  4. You should have an excellent network and ability to use it.

1. The autonomy and control to build a company that represents your values & interests. We will support you but do not aim to prevent you from building the business in your own style.

2. A stake in the game - generous equity with friendly vesting.

3. A Salary as you build the business.

4. A clear roadmap to building a £10m business ARR within a few years.

5. Support from award-winning entrepreneurs, an extensive network and a back-office to help you achieve more.
published: Dec. 6, 2018

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