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When people move to a new country, they face plenty of challenges getting settled, housing, healthcare language barriers, etc. Sending money back home should be simple and affordable, and sadly it’s usually not.

At TransferGo, we aim to make life easier for anyone sending money abroad by removing the delays, paperwork and fees that traditional banks and cash bureaus have, and offering superior customer service. That’s why our service, available on both web and mobile, has an industry-leading NPS of 75+ and a five-star rating on TrustPilot.

We are a fast growing FinTech company with an international team of more than 100 people across offices in Vilnius, London, Berlin, Warsaw and Istanbul. We successfully completed our first Series B funding round in May, 2018, and we are looking to improve our product and expand our customer base across existing and new markets.

The Role

You will oversee all copy and content across our landing pages, ad creative, social, direct emails, and some product onboarding flows. We localise into several languages, but it all starts in English.

We will provide you with deep insights into our customers’ hot buttons – their desires, needs, priorities and fears. We will ask you to build pages and sequences that, over time, win peoples’ trust and help them discover and use TransferGo.

We are at once right-brained and left-brained. Our marketing is quite human, and really speaks to immigrants who face challenges making their way in new unfamiliar lands. But we’re also metrics-driven, our campaigns either work or they don’t, and your campaigns will need to move the needle, and, with learning, improve over time.

  • A track record of strong direct response copywriting that has delivered results via short formats such as emails, banners, short landing pages, pop-ups and interstitials, Facebook ads and Adwords.
  • A good command of conversion and engagement best practices (good headlines, subject lines, engaging body copy, strong calls to action, etc.)
  • Familiarity with direct email content best practices (e.g. campaign sequences, frequency, boosting engagement rates).
  • Familiarity with user psychology, cognitive biases and decision-making heuristics, able to apply them to real-life marketing challenges.
  • Native English fluency
  • Experience collaborating with designers.
  • Comfortable with business metrics and marketing analytics (e.g. conversion rates, A/B test results) at a conceptual level.

If you ask our team what they enjoy most about working at TransferGo...

  • Surrounded by very smart, open, curious, action-oriented people, opportunities to learn at every turn.
  • Hands-on startup environment means you get a chance to try all sorts of things and grow your skills well beyond the scope of what you were initially hired to do. There’s plenty of opportunity to grow, learn and advance quickly.
  • It’s a mission-led business, meaning the team has a real sense of purpose, especially since most of us are expatriates, and have faced many of these challenges ourselves. We love seeing the impact of our work every day.
  • Strong culture of openness & transparency.
  • Flexible working arrangements and…
  • Really swish offices (Level42, Canary Wharf)
published: Nov. 28, 2018

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