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Creative Director (contract)

full-time KANO London

The Role

You’ll relish the idea of bringing a young, innovative, exciting brand to the mainstream audience with a message that touches hearts and boggles brains.

Kano needs to move into the mainstream. We have an incredible product that we want more and more people to know about. We need to start producing killer campaigns and creative content that produces genuine buzz, PR and speaks to a whole new audience about our powerful mission. Are you the person who can help us deliver that?

You are a seasoned, logical and intelligent Creative Director/Senior Creative, but with the heart of a hungry, passionate junior. You are a thinker and a doer. As a Kano Creative you’ll be working closely with marketing to create incredible, engaging campaigns that work in a number of touch-points. Youll have experience working in digital and social spheres, with a background in advertising and (possibly) start-ups. Have no problem creating integrated campaigns that work from Facebook Paid Media, to emails to, film and editorial content. Helping to push a small but dedicated team to deliver great ideas.

You’ll be responsible for launching our brand new Kano PC, but also for using that launch to engage a new audience with the Kano mission. It should feel like a big brand campaign, but with the simplicity, soulfulness, and creativity of Kano. You can clearly simplify complex computing concepts, in fun, memorable, and engaging way.

Youll be confident creating ideas, writing scripts and storyboards, and producing effective and iterative paid media campaigns. As well as presenting them to the team and bringing them along for the ride. Youll also be happy testing your thinking and concepts with real people. You are energetic, fun, upbeat, bring interesting, unusual but smart insights to the table, with real thinking and logic.

You are entrepreneurial, will engage and bring on board people we need to make ideas happen. You are happy to get your hands dirty to make your ideas happen.

You are expected to quickly reach a high level of comfort with the Kano aesthetic, voice and mission. You are a strong writer and art director, capable of working on your own and in a team. You’ll have strong design skills and an understanding of the usual design programmes, as well as strong film production knowledge, fluent in how to use (if not make) moving image, animation and sound, as well as basic editing skills to get your ideas across.

About Kano

Kano creates computer and coding kits for all ages, all over the world. Our mission is to empower a new generation to create technology, not just consume it.

  • In just over five years, we’ve sold, built and shipped over 450,000 kits to 150 countries, our oldest computer maker was 81 years old, our youngest was 4.
  • Winner of Time Magazies "TOY Of The Year" award for the Harry Potter wand
  • Kano is available in over 4,500 retail locations, and our partners include Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and more.
  • Our products are used in thousands of code camps, schools and libraries worldwide, helping to change the face of education, including integration with the national Argentine education system.
  • Kano has raised > $30m from the world’s best technology investors, including co-founder Saul Klein, Breyer Capital, Index Ventures, Collaborative Fund, Jim O’Neill, James Higa & Troy Carter.
  • One of Fast Companys Top Ten Most Innovative Consumer Electronics companies (currently 2nd) alongside Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more.
  • Our fans and customers include Steve Wozniak (co-founder Apple Computer), Jimmy Wales (founder Wikipedia), Marcus Persson (creator of Minecraft), and many more.

Kano is evolving from a startup to becoming a mainstream consumer creativity brand. Along the way, our audience is expanding, and we will interact with millions of customers this year. We are an entrepreneurial, nimble, can do business and we must retain this culture as we scale. Our mission remains the same, to help people create technology, not just consume it.

Skills and Qualifications

Creative concepting, sketching, Art Direction, Copywriting, and design skills. Presentation of concepts to the marketing team and partners. Can deliver film from concept to conclusion - comfortable with all parts of the process, from storyboarding, pre-production, to grading and sound.

Proactive, motivated, understanding of wide range of mediums - digital and traditional, basic design and illustration, storyboarding, project management, time management, production skills, basic film editing, photography.

Contract Role

published: March 5, 2019

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