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AinFin is a financial technology company based in Level39, Canary Wharf, London - the biggest fintech accelerator in Europe. Its mission is to open the emerging markets to democratised banking and focus on solving the fundamental problem of widespread financial exclusion of the 2.5 billion unbanked population in the world, thus contributing to real wealth creation amongst the poor and underprivileged.

AinFin operates a state of the art multi-currency and multi-channel digital banking platform aimed at reaching the last mile of customers in emerging markets. In the UK, AinFin operates a subsidiary that is regulated by the FCA as a payments, eMoney and remittances institute. In other countries, AinFin operates through partnerships or joint ventures to operate mobile banking services.

AinFin is an exciting phase of growth, leveraging the Blockchain technology to leapfrog its current digital banking operations in emerging markets into the frontier of distributed banking services. This is an exciting time in our history with a further round of fundraising.

Shortlisted as Disruptor of the Year by the UK Women in Finance Award 2017.

We are now looking to scale quickly, so now is a great time to join and be part of an exciting journey.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, Senior Full Stack Engineer / CTO who will lead in building, scaling and managing the development of our core products: Core System, App and Web Site.

You wont merely be handed specs: youll be in charge of taking ideas from the whiteboard all the way through to them being live, tracking the results, and iterating to make them better. For this reason, this role is only suitable for someone who likes being closely involved in product — what to build and how it will work, as much as the technical implementation itself.

This role is especially suited to someone who wants to be part of the founding team and influence the direction of the company.

Again, this is a hands-on role and you will be leading and managing the company’s technological vision, strategy and development. You will be expected to help in the preparation of presentations to the Board and lend a hand when needed to customer queries.

We are a Start-up after all. You will have responsibility for all technical aspects and technological resources of the business including budget control and the recruitment of additional development personnel, whom you will lead.

We are looking for a self-starter with a go-to attitude and plenty of initiative, an excellent communicator, including a proven ability to explain complex technical concepts clearly and concisely to non-technical people. Excellent problem-solving abilities are also important in the role.


  • Full stack web/mobile application development
  • Implementing web and mobile interfaces
  • Monitoring and maintaining back-end services
  • Integration into numerous banks and lenders
  • Development of our API
  • Having an eye for detail and an interest in implementing for many platforms
  • Working closely with operations and product teams, to build and scale back-end services
  • Make sure our products and services look and feel great for users on any platform
  • Manage near-shore and offshore resources development resources
  • Build, deploy, maintain and support our product suite
  • Build report interfaces and data feeds
  • Maintain our website
  • Experienced leader of development teams within a start-up environment (Fintech, InsurTech, RegTech) at CTO level
  • Entrepreneurial business leader, able to lead commercial meetings with investors, clients etc.
  • Hands on development experience
  • Passionate about InsurTech / Fintech
  • Previous experience exiting a start-up

Salary, benefits and equity to discuss…..
published: Jan. 24, 2018

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