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Building a company is hard, but running one shouldn’t be. Over the past decade of starting and running companies, we grew constantly frustrated by the administrative headaches that distracted us from doing what we love. In a world where the odds are already stacked heavily against you, there is far too much “stuff” in the way of bringing amazing and important ideas to life. We knew there had to be a smarter way to run we decided to create it!

We’re building innovative tools that empower entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world to focus their time into the important things, and we’re starting with any organisation’s most important asset - its people.

Charlie is the free HR platform for small businesses. The platform stores and manages all your team’s vital information - from onboarding new staff, tracking holidays and sick days to safely centralising key documents - but we have big plans for the future! By keeping our product free to use, we’re able to work with companies who aren’t bound by budget, meaning that Charlie has already become a thriving platform for early-stage startups and social enterprises, along with a wide and exciting variety of more established businesses.

After launching in September 2015, and raising a £1m seed round early in 2016, we’re a tight-knit team of ten seeking an enthusiastic, hardworking and sociable Customer Experience Manager. We’re not just building really great software. We’re building a great company that delivers an experience that exceeds expectations at every turn. A company people will love as much for its personality and strength of character as for its technology.

You will:

  • Work directly with the Founders on designing a best in class engagement strategy that makes our customers smile even when they least expect it
  • Be the frontline for all customer interaction and every touchpoint, ensuring everyone who uses our product becomes our greatest advocates, supporting them with their every need.
  • Create and execute spontaneous, fun and unexpected campaigns to surprise and delight our customers
  • Take the lead on educating users on how the product can intuitively automate everyday admin and get them back to doing what they really love
  • Listen to customer needs and feedback, liaising closely with relevant team members to ensure we’re quickly acting on great new ideas and constantly evolving and improving our service
  • Over time, hire and head up a team equally as passionate about and dedicated to our customers’ success
  • Contribute - as an early team member - to everything we do as an early stage startup!

Who we are: A young but experienced team born out of The Eleven.

Learn about a couple of your potential new team-mates: Product Designer Katie and Software Engineer Neo.

  • Exceptional at quickly building relationships, with the charm and wit to make our customers love you!
  • Genuine empathy so you can listen keenly to customer challenges and work hard to resolve them fast
  • A great communicator with exceptional written and spoken English - as comfortable on the phone as meeting in person or talking over chat
  • Diligent, organised and resilient - these will be busy, fast paced days and need someone who can work effectively and efficiently under pressure
  • Proven leader excited about hiring and leading a team
  • Loaded with the drive and ambition to join us in grafting hard to build an enormous technology company very quickly.
  • Ferociously believe that small businesses are the beating heart of the world’s future, and have the guts to fight for it.
  • A good, fun, team player, who is looking for a challenge!

We are an equal opportunities employer and believe in the power of a diverse, inclusive team. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified people, regardless of race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.
published: Jan. 17, 2018

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