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OnTruck is a new European start-up devoted to bringing the road transportation industry to the 21st century. We realized that, despite how present mobile technology is in our day-to-day lives, it hasn't yet reached such a critical industry. Our initial product is a B2B platform to streamline the finding of the right carrier for your freight. You can think of it as an Uber for trucks.

Our headquarters are in downtown Madrid, close to several public transportation alternatives as well as public bike stations. We all work from the office to maximize face-to-face interactions and therefore we keep remote working to a minimum.

The challenge

The road transportation industry has been stuck in the same way of doing things for the past 30 years, with complex over-the-phone transactions that could be sped up and more efficient using the right technology. Figuring our product out and getting users to switch is a tough challenge and we want your insights and experience.

The team

Every one of us has had several start-up experiences and on average we have 10+ years of experience in somehow similar challenges. We know success, we know failure; we've built platforms from scratch, we've dealt with large legacy systems. We care about each other and about the product we're building.

Investors like our concept and team and we've been quite successful in fundraising and gathering resources to support our future growth.

The growth culture

Our project is about transforming a key industry with large and powerful corporations with enormous inertias, infrastructure and deep pockets, but we are sure that we will be successful if we are able to grow fast but smart.

For such a challenging goal we are building a small but very experienced operational team. All of us help build our shipper and carrier account management strategy.

We neither believe in micromanagement nor in taking the decisions on your behalf. We are building a healthy and sustainable culture based on a lean organization with trustworthy people that work with the ultimate state of the art technology, well coordinated and enjoying lots of autonomy.

All of us are accountable for reaching our goals, which in the case of ops are very simple: retaining shippers and carriers, making them repeat as much as possible for as long as we can.

Each one of us has a clear role and a well-defined set of goals and KPIs to meet weekly, monthly and quarterly.

What we offer

  • As part of a City’s Customer Care Team, and based in Madrid, you will join a strategic team in the company’s day-to-day business, managing the SIP (shipments in progress). Your work will truly make a difference in our growth.
  • What does managing the SIP mean? It means monitoring any shipment from its automatic assignation by our mobile app to its finalization once its reaches its destination. You will have to make sure every step is executed following our processes and that any incident is reported and solved according to our standards, securing the highest level of service possible and respecting our protocols.
  • Direct responsibility over quantitative and qualitative KPIs linked to the activity and level of satisfaction of shippers and carriers.
  • Significant autonomy to organize your tasks and processes in order to meet your goals. You will be monitored and rewarded exclusively according to your performance.
  • A laid-back culture where everybody is encouraged to participate in discussions and contribute.
  • Opportunities for personal growth and learning (we hold regular marketing, sales and operations talks and encourage 360º feedback).
  • Fair (above market) salaries and bonus depending on performance. We want our employees to have ownership and participate in company success.

What we are looking for

  • Minimum 3 years sales experience in customer care roles.
  • BA degree or higher (desirable).
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational ability.
  • Strong intercultural communication skills, self-motivated and detailed oriented.
  • Familiarity with CRM systems.
  • Shows initiative and has a passion for customer satisfaction.
  • Fluent in Spanish (must) and English (desirable)
  • Experience in operational roles in the ecommerce and/or startups will be valued.
  • You have had direct or indirect responsibilities over quantitative and qualitative indicators such as customer satisfaction, % of incidents over total shipments.
  • You wish to grow professionally in an operational role because you purely enjoy the satisfaction of providing the best service in the industry. You are not happy until you have everything well organized before leaving the office every afternoon.
  • You must be tech friendly (familiarity with IT). You must feel comfortable with the use of IT internal tools and you shall be willing to make our web and the mobile apps key parts of your operational pitch and business proposition.
  • You must be willing to work for a fast-paced start-up, with quick iterations, changes of direction, tight budgets, and chaos over a hierarchical, well-structured corporation with clear and well-defined assignments, and career paths.

published: March 12, 2018

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