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Deep Learning Internship (PAID)

full-time Beautifeye Dublin

Do you think Artificial Intelligence is changing the world?

Do you want to build a career in one of the most exciting industries the world has seen in the last 3 decades?

..and by the way..did you know that Machine Learning engineers earn 20% more than Software Engineers?

If thats the case join us at Beautifeye: We are a boutique, full-service, AI company specialised in Computer Vision. We work with Fortune 200 companies like Heineken and Unilever and also with SMEs predominantly in Finance and Retail. We help them with three things:

  1. Deep learning development
  2. AI strategy
  3. Deep learning deployment

CHECK OUT this introduction video to know more about the company

You would like to :

  • with one of the hottest startups in town
  • ..learn the theory and the best practises of deep learning and computer vision
  • ..learn how to develop simple machine learning applications

You have :

  • Basic knowledge of algorithms and common Python data structures (lists, dicts, sets...)
  • Good debugging and problem-solving skills
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fluent English in speech and writing
  • This is a paid internship

You will learn how to use the following Machine Learning tools:

  • TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras
  • python, ipython, pythoneverywhere
  • pandas, scipy, numpy, sci-kit
  • OpenCV, VLFeats
  • Amazon Machine Learning API, Google API

You will also learn :

  • How to create strongly labelled annotations to solve kick-ass problems
  • How to crowdsource simple tasks to improve performances of your algorithm
  • How to select the most appropriate features set
  • How to design deep-learning architectures
  • How to train a machine learning classifier
  • How to cross-validate the performances of machine learning algorithm
  • How to explore a dataset using non-supervised methods
  • How to optimise code to reduce training and test time
published: Aug. 28, 2019

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