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Forward3D - DevOps Engineer Remote Contractor

We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to join our Development Team to help maintain and improve Forward3D’s continually evolving infrastructure and systems, ideally coming from a SysOps background, who understands industry best practises and is passionate about building quality developer workflows. Must understand the drive behind automation and the benefits it can add to a business along with building consistent and reproducible environments. You’ll be a part of our remote operations team based out of the US and Canada, and spend your time working directly with them. The preferred candidate will be in the EST time zone.

Forward3D is a fast growing digital agency providing cutting-edge multilingual digital marketing for some of the world’s most prestigious brands including Virgin Holidays, Hilton Hotels and Gucci. Agile, data driven and pioneering, you won’t find layers and layers of management here. Instead, you’ll discover a buzzing environment where bright, innovative and visionary people work in small autonomous teams that thrive. It’s a place where careers genuinely flourish, rather than get stifled due to lack of opportunity or resources.

A glimpse into what our developers have gotten themselves into:

  • Working with self-healing tolerant auto scaled big data clusters
  • Creating 20+ in-house custom products used by 300+ technically skilled analysts
  • Maintaining a system that takes 1 billion lines of data through our ETL pipeline daily
  • Spinning 100,000 Docker containers daily

When asked, our team told us that the best part of the job are:

  • Solving real problems with smart colleagues using cutting edge tech
  • Opportunity to take initiative with freedom of a start up and the resources of a bigger company
  • Small team where everyones opinion is valued
  • Freedom to choose best tools for the job
  • Flexible working arrangements around core hours

The ideal candidate will have the following core skills and abilities:


  • Broad knowledge of technology, with the ability to deep learn specific stacks
  • Core AWS services (EC2, S3, ECS, VPC, Custom AMIs etc)
  • Supporting AWS services (CloudFormation, CodePipeline, CodeBuild)
  • At least one programming language (Ruby, Go, Python)
  • Linux administration (Ubuntu, Amazon, Alpine)
  • Configuration Management (Packer, Puppet, Chef, etc)
  • Linux containers and orchestration (Docker, Mesos, Kubernetes)
  • Monitoring Systems (Prometheus)
  • Familiarity with basic networking concepts, including IP routing and VPNs


  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - or other AWS certifications.
  • Security Best Practices & CIS Benchmarking
  • Building cross region services (architecture)
  • Basic understanding of GDPR and similar laws
  • Based in the EST timezone

You will be:

  • Friendly, approachable and able to collaborate with both technical and non-technical colleagues
  • Curious and proactive - continually looking to improve the reliability and performance of our systems
  • Helping to reduce the time to deploy whilst increasing performance and reliability

Above all, striving to make things simpler

If you’re interested in joining the team at please send a cover note along with your CV. We’d also love links to your GitHub profile, blog etc.

A bit more about Forward3D

Forward3D is a place where careers genuinely flourish, rather than stifle due to a lack of development or resources; we’re a data driven company that works agile with no unnecessary layers of management allowing our employees to drive innovation in their campaigns, teams and departments.

You’ll discover an autonomous and entrepreneurial culture at Forward3D and also a buzzing environment where bright, innovative and visionary people work in small teams that give them the freedom they need to thrive.

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published: Jan. 13, 2019

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