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Director of People

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At Typeform, our mission is simple: bring the best data collection experience to people, by making it conversational.

We start by caring about people. That’s why in People Operations we treat humans not as resources but, well—humans. We care about building an environment where people can thrive.

Now, we’re looking for a Director of People to support the talent we have at Typeform. Someone who knows what it takes to create a people-first environment at scale.

Reporting to a co-CEO, you’re responsible for three areas across two locations. The areas? People Operations, People Partners (HRBPs), and Learning & Development. The locations? Your office in Barcelona (HQ) and our new office in San Francisco.

Here’s Vaida, our People Partner & Recruiter:

“As we grow quickly, we need to keep the focus on the most important thing: a people first approach. This means changing the way people think about a typical HR function, just like we changed the way people think about online forms.

Are you great at creating unbeatable work environments? Are you eager to work in Barcelona with colleagues from 40+ different countries? Are you keen to nurture a multi-disciplined team with expertise ranging from customer success to engineering?

Here’s what your first 12 months look like

You’ll set up core services to scale

You’ll make sure performance, compensation, and career growth all go hand in hand.

You’ll help our team become a strategic partner

With your team, you’ll create a detailed staffing and development strategy to help departments deliver on their goals. As we scale fast, you’ll guide us smoothly through the challenges that come with passing Dunbar’s number.

You’ll create a fun, collaborative, motivating team environment

We want to set up work that leaves time for fun, teamwork, and learning. You’ll help set the right priorities, invest smartly, and leave plenty of space for self-discovery.

You’ll base decisions on solid data

You’ll use lots of data and to establish, track, and present program metrics. Your use of analytics will help you—and others—to make better decisions.

You’ll support managers to become great managers

You’ll help managers understand and master their responsibilities—and become successful coaches.

  • You have 7+ years of HR experience.
  • You’ve led a team.
  • You have strong operational skills.
  • You have a deep understanding of HR operations, core HR practices, and total compensation.
  • You’ve worked for startups with under 500 employees and larger companies with more than 500 employees, preferably in tech.
  • Youre a good coach, youre able to support the managers with challenging dynamics
  • You’re humble, empathetic, and passionate about people
  • Youre an ambassador for creating a safe work environment and represent our values
  • Support a team of People Partners
  • Great culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Free Spanish & English lessons
  • As well as happy, we want you to be healthy. That’s why you get the best medical care with our health insurance
  • Enjoy a healthy balanced lunch, and grab fresh fruit, juices, and coffee whenever you want.
  • Access 100s of gyms around Barcelona for next to nothing.
  • With our resource library and a learning & development structure, you’ll have everything you need to help you grow.

published: July 30, 2018

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