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Director of Research

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Who We Are

Our mission is to create socially meaningful impact through emerging technologies. We create initiatives to advance accessibility, through building and testing products in real-life scenarios.

Our values lie in promoting transparency, co-creation, research and community-oriented education. We build alliances to encourage executing new ideas, critical debate about the technology and products which shape our lives.

Our multi-disciplinary research lens from fields such as game theory, social anthropology, data and economic sciences and digital specialists, help us to look at ways to tackle the most relevant issues of today.


The Research departments work is to provide answers to the most challenging questions in the product design. The role of the Director of Research includes facilitating engagement and collaboration across various disciplines in the business.

They will work closely with the Product Design and Development (Engineers) teams, developing new features. Part of the role is also to relay complex, but useful product research findings to the Director of Product, in a creative and engaging manner that they can relate to and understand.

Objectives & Accountabilities

Supervisory Role/Direct Report

The role is a position of leadership and in this capacity the Director of Research oversees and ensures that the functions of the individual researchers are efficiently and effectively executed.

In return, they report directly into the Chief Executive Officer and keep all stakeholders up to date on product process and progress.


The role of Director of Research is also of cross-functional nature and as such, is expected to liaise closely with other Line Directors, particularly with the Director of Product. Reason for the collaboration is to identify research opportunities and use cases.

Direct Responsibilities

  • Identify research opportunities
  • Work with the Director of Product to evaluate and propose the development of future use cases and prototypes arising
  • Carry out quantitative/qualitative research
  • Create suitable heuristics
  • Conduct field studies
  • Establish and help recruit a team of freelance applied researchers from a cross-disciplinary background


Required skills/disciplines

  • Applied research experience in a digital product/startup or government digital services setting
  • Deep working knowledge of product research, usability and discovery phases it relies on in each stage of methodologies - such as agile and lean
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work independently and promote the value of research
  • Stakeholder management

published: April 25, 2018

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