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At Jigsaw our core mission is to kill current accounts by building technology that allows everyone to access the best financial products automatically. We want to hear from capable, creative engineers who want to help us accomplish this mission

At the heart of our vision sits our messaging system, Spoke, and our Data Platform, Sense. Were great believers in powerful, real-time analytics and we want to use this data insight to empower the individual to move stagnant money away from their current account into better savings products or allow an individual to get a credit product to move into their current account to stop unfair charges. Every engineer at Jigsaw XYZ is responsible for helping to improve our use of an individual’s data to get them the ‘best financial products.

Our engineers have a variety of different backgrounds

We have non-graduates; only some of us studied Computer Science; lots of us changed careers to become engineers; some of us have worked in huge companies; some have only ever worked in startups; others are former consultants. As long as you enjoy learning new things, we’d love to talk to you.

We encourage an open and transparent working environment

You can get involved in any aspect of the business you are interested in. We believe that if you’re interested in the work that you’re doing, your output will be even better, and therefore encourage everyone to know the different things the company is doing and every team has an open door so that anyone can get involved.

Jigsaw XYZ works in project-based sprints in small, interdisciplinary teams

We’re still a relatively small company, with around 40 people in total - and we have big ambitions. Were happy for people to move between teams or to specialise. As an engineer here youd be able to work directly with anyone across the company, and we run regular knowledge-sharing sessions so you’ll learn heaps about everything from how the financial industry works to how a CI/CD pipeline works.

At Jigsaw XYZ you will get to work with our technology stack that consists of:

However, we are always open to trying new things and encourage our engineers to seek forgiveness rather than asking to do.

You should apply if:

  • the work were doing sounds exciting!
  • you want to be involved in building a product that you (and everyone you know) will use every day
  • youre keen to learn more about new technologies
  • youre comfortable working in a team that deals with ambiguity
  • youre interested in writing resilient software
  • you have some experience with one or all of the following: NodeJS, React or React Native

We strive to help you strike a great work-life balance, and we feel a big part of this is how the company treats its employees, hence weve gone all out on the benefits we offer our people:

  • we offer a highly competitive salary
  • a full 30 days holiday a year!
  • flexible working hours
  • health insurance
  • gym membership
  • annual company offsite
  • your choice of hardware

Our interview process typically consists of an initial phone screen, an onsite interview, and code test. We promise not to ask you any brain teasers or trick questions!

published: Nov. 23, 2018

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