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About Geoblink

We’re a fast growing startup that has already raised close to $8 million in investment from leading venture capital firms, and have been named by Bloomberg as one of 50 most promising startups in the world to look out for. Our goal is to revolutionise the world of Location Intelligence and the way businesses think about, and act upon location intelligence data.

At Geoblink we are proud to say that we use the latest technologies to find awesome solutions to real world problems businesses face when trying to expand. We leverage GIS technologies and Big Data to create a beautiful map-based user interface that not only provides lots of awesome statistics but also a great user experience.

About the CORE team

Currently we are a team of 4 who have worked super hard to build robust systems using an SOA approach that allows us to perform multiple deployments per day. We ❤️ monitoring, pull requests, continuous deployment, automated testing and Cachopo (except for our vegetarian dev, which is still looking for the perfect vegan cachopo).

We’ve built everything using Node.js, Angular, Vue.js and PostgreSQL, although our architecture is still very much language-agnostic. We want to maintain the philosophy of using the right tool not sticking to the status quo. In general we like to move fast but with emphasis on the design of our architecture so that it’s simple and scalable. Our mothers would say that we write clean, high-quality, modular code to produce great software that solves the needs of our clients. You can visit our Tech blog to learn more about the projects and technologies we use at Geoblink.

About the internship

We love deploying code knowing that it wont break anything in production and to do so, we invest in testing our code even though we’re always carefully reviewing it. However sometimes its hard to move fast and keep the tests updated so some of our tests become outdated and it takes us a while to update them properly.

During your internship with us you will learn about the different kinds of testing, from unit tests to complete end to end suites. This end to end suite will be your main focus during the internship: we want you to help us increase our test coverage as well as improve existings tests that might require so.

Our end to end tests are built on top of Cypress, a cutting edge tool which uses battle tested libraries underneath, for example Chrome Headless, Mocha and Chai to run efficiently in the cloud and ensure we dont deploy anything that hasnt been tested as if a customer would use it.

Who we are looking for

Someone smart, humble and motivated to build an awesome product with us that our users will absolutely love. It would also be great to have someone with a love for testing and some Javascript experience, someone who can handle async patterns without race conditions and understands why solving a problem with a setTimeout is a really bad idea. 🤕 If you have worked in a Single Page Application before then you get even more kudos points from us!

If you can, without a doubt say that care about edge cases, worry about finding errors without they happen, and like replacing manual error-prone work with automation then we would love to hear from you. Some other things what would be nice to see:

  • You understand and like CSS.
  • You can participate in a float vs Flexbox discussion and you know how to handle drag & drop in a form.
  • You are a curious and driven person. You might not know how a == 1 && a == 2 can be true but you are keen on learning why.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • Javascript programming experience
  • Experience writing automated tests

Perks of the job

We have something called the “zero-policy” which means there are no restrictions on vacation days, office hours, working from home days, etc. We believe everyone here is a “mini-CEO”, and should have the opportunity to make their own decisions about their work schedule.

Everyone at Geoblink is passionate about their job, whether it be increasing businesses ROI or building complex data systems. People join Geoblink not just for the flexibility that we offer but because we have worked hard to foster a great collaborative environment filled with plenty of opportunity to have a real impact in the business and collaborate with some of the best minds in the industry.

  • Flexible work schedule or ability to work from home whenever you want.
  • Great central office located in the heart of Chamberi close to the best food, fun and linea 2
  • Opportunities to learn and grow in your professional career quickly. We are open to use new technologies when they have a positive impact.
  • Blameless environment. Whenever we screw up, we try to understand what failed in the process in order to improve it.
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, coke to keep you going.
  • Chillout space with ping-pong, table football, draft beer, etc.
  • Lots of space for you to work in peace so you can produce your best work.
  • Awesome offices in the heart of Chamberí.
  • And much much more!
published: Nov. 19, 2018

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