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Head of Finance

full-time 110% London

110% is a young tech company that supports, accelerates and empowers employees at work.

We combine the best of mentoring, coaching and therapy to create a unique form of professional and personal support. We boost our support using leading edge machine learning technology to reveal personal and organisational insights like no one else can.

The company consists of a small UK based delivery team, an Ireland based tech team, and a remote community of Personal Accelerators (EQ experts), made up of a broad field of specialisms.

We are looking for an individual to work in either our Ireland or London office, or open to remote workers too.

Plexal, Here East Innovation Centre, (Hackney Wick) http://www.plexal.com/
Arc Labs, Waterford Institute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

This is a part-time role. We expect that it will take 3 days a week.
You will be working with the company Directors to advise them on all things to do with finance. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit among them and they are constantly looking at new ways of pricing, invoicing and raising finance.

The role will involve:

A. Forecasting and strategy

  • Creating a budget and ensuring that it is adhered to
  • Forecasting - rolling on a monthly basis
  • Help strategic decision making from a financial point of view
  • Tax efficiency - be aware of what tax breaks exist for young companies like ours and that we are taking advantage of them
  • Company Structure - what is the most efficient company structure for us going forward
  • Create Investment strategies - inline with budgeting and forecasting, determine when we need to get external finance. Look at different ways of raising this from Crowd funding to pitching to Angels and VCs.
  • Pricing Models - be competitive and innovative. How can we democratise our business sector.
  • Look at competitors : pricing, contract models, lines of revenue, hooks

B. Everyday running the company

  • Be on top of account ( we use Xero )
  • VAT / PAYE / CT
  • Invoicing
  • Credit control
  • Procurement control
  • Expenses
For this role, you need to have the following :
  • Experience growing a company from a valuation of about £1m to £20m
  • Experience of company structure (we are based in both Ireland and the UK)
  • Experience entering the US market and what is involved
  • Experience dealing with investors and preparing a company for investors
  • Developing the mindset of the founding members for exit and developing their exit strategy
  • Experience with shareholders - ensuring that agreements are in place
  • Looking at stock options for employees


  • Desire to be innovative
  • Want to automate what is automatable (PAYE / VAT returns etc)
  • Be proactive and have a problem solving mindset
  • Experience in start-up / young company environments

Bonus points:

  • A network and understanding of the Financial Sector

Passion for:

  • Start-up environments
  • Technology solutions
  • Self Awareness & Personal Development

  1. We recognise how important this role is. You will influence the direction of the company and most major decisions that are taken.
  2. This is a great time to join the company as you will be part of building something whilst it is young, be at the forefront of a new marketplace: Artificial and Human Intelligence for Personal Growth.
  3. As the company is growing fast there are loads of opportunities to develop yourself and shape the role into what you want it to be.
  4. We don’t track holiday days….that’s for you to decide, as long as you do a great job.

published: Feb. 23, 2018

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