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Head of Operations and Finance

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We are looking for an experienced addition to our team who is heading our activities around finance and operation, a true "go-to person" for all areas around organization and financials. We are a young company that grew from 4 founders a bit over a year ago to now close to 20 people. For the next phase of Centrifuge, we need a team player with a passion for finance as well as organizational and operational topics.

We are located in Berlin, and being an international team with international partners, investors, employees, and customers, you need to be fluent in both English and German. While the role and all employees are in Berlin, your responsibilities include not only Germany but as well the US where we are incorporated.

The role and your responsibilities

We are still a small team, and therefore expect you to take on a broad set of continuously changing tasks. The ideal candidate will become the go-to person for all things finance and operations, with experience in Germany as well as the US. Some of the areas we will need help with are

  • You will be responsible for everything finance, from keeping books, payroll, and accounting in order to forecasting and budgeting as well as banking
  • Taxes and regulations in the US and Germany and the proper understanding and filing of those are required. You will work closely with our tax advisors
  • You will be the liaison to our lawyers in the US, Germany and likely more European countries in the near future
  • One of your tasks is managing investor relationships, such as supporting raising future venture capital, as well as project managing grants that Centrifuge received
  • You manage the cap table, including option grants and approvals within Carta. You will lead our 409A efforts
  • You will be responsible for selected internal projects to achieve operational excellence and setup Centrifuge for future growth, as well as external multi-party projects, involving partners or suppliers
  • You are in charge of all non-engineering related backend systems and tools we use, such as accounting and expense management software, document management, payroll, options grants
  • Centrifuge is using cryptocurrencies for certain tasks and payment, and we will issue a token that will power our own crypto network. Therefore, part of your responsibility will be the accounting treatment and function around tokens as well as token treasury related tasks


  • You are able and excited to work in our Berlin office
  • You need extensive experience with accounting, ideally in the US and Germany. You dealt with P&L;, Balance Sheets, controlling, forecasts and budgets for companies from 10 to 50 employees
  • You interacted with the German Finanzamt, ideally with the US IRS for corporate matters
  • You worked in a startup before, had a leadership role, and ideally managed, hired and fired people
  • You designed and maintained internal processes
  • You dealt with external parties, such as suppliers, customers, partners. You planned, negotiated and built with them

Bonus points

  • You have experience with legal questions, ideally in several countries, and worked with law firms on a variety of issues, reaching from contract reviews, fundraising documents, incorporation forms to NDA’s or even patent or trademark issues.
  • You are excited about crypto, decentralization and potentially worked for a blockchain startup
  • You lived abroad, and speak multiple languages
  • Maybe you even ran your own startup or led long term projects outside of work

About Centrifuge

Centrifuge is the decentralized operating system to power global trade and commerce. We are building the systems and tools on public blockchain infrastructure to enable open, fair, and transparent business within the Financial Supply Chain.

Over the last 20 years, we built companies and software to address major issues in the world of Procure to Pay, payments and enterprise software. Global large-scale business networks, invoicing between companies, providing financing for the supply chain - to name a few services we created over the years.

The Centrifuge OS allows businesses to transact on a global, decentralized network while maintaining control of their data. It democratizes access to business processes, makes the supply chain more transparent, and removes the middle-men who extract money from the global economy for their own sake. We just moved into our new Berlin offices and you will still be one of the first ones to join the team and shape our culture.

published: April 2, 2019

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