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Junior Copywriter

full-time Plum Fintech London

At Plum, were on a mission to help people lead a healthier financial life. Were building a quirky intelligent system that links to your bank, understands your spending habits and helps you save more, invest in things that matter and avoid overspending on your bills. We like to think of Plum as your moneys best friend 👫

The role:

We’re looking for a talented copywriter to join our team in London. You’ll be working on projects that help us spread the word about Plum across the UK and soon the 🌍. This role is perfect for an ambitious copywriter early in their career, who is looking to grow and learn exponentially at a high-growth startup focussed on making finance fairer for all.

You will:

  • Work closely with our marketers and designers to create relevant and engaging content and campaigns
  • Write disruptive and high-quality content to help people to be financially better off
  • Write engaging and accurate product-focus content, and how it practically helps people with their finances
  • Work along with Paid team and PR to create content generating strong user growth
  • Support the PR peeps to help spread Plums mission and create a strong momentum within the financial industry
  • Get support, learn and grow from the designers, marketers and product people in the organisation.

And you:

  • Have a passion for writing well-thought and purposeful content that solved issues & genuinely help people
  • Have a unique way of reflecting your (and Plum) personality in your writings
  • Are able to articulate your writing decisions confidently and can give and take constructive feedback
  • Are able to measure your work with clear metrics to learn and improve overtime, using Analytics and other tools
  • Have a strong attention details and patience when reviewing your own content (finance needs trust and we need to reflect that trustworthiness in all case)
  • Understand how your work fits in the whole picture
  • Bonus fist-bumps 👊 if you have experience with web design and even HTML and CSS

Our culture: openness and accountability

Even though youll have a primary role, you can get involved in any aspect of the business youre interested in and contribute feedback and product ideas freely. In return, well expect you to back your decisions with data and logic. Things are considered finished when the data tells us that theyve moved the needle.

What we look for:

Knowledge in your field is critical, but we are a startup treading in uncharted territory so attitude is even more important. Were looking for people that like uncertainty and want to figure out how to do things that haven’t been done before. Youre a true team player and inherently positive. Where others see problems, you see solutions.

What we offer:

  • Bucketfuls of challenging problems to solve, so hopefully thats your thing! Our job is to take the complicated world of finance and make it simple and accessible to everyone.
  • One of the best learning experiences of your life. Youll get to work with extremely smart and capable people, with backgrounds in finance, physics, history, computing, languages and more.
  • Company stock options – were all in this together.
  • 25 days holiday a year, excluding bank holidays (33 in total).
  • Work from our Greek office whenever you want.
  • Team trip to secret destinations once a year ✈️
  • Plants, lots of plants 🌱
  • Fresh fruit (plums obviously), snacks with varying health benefits and great coffee. Because you cant be a startup without great coffee.
published: March 30, 2019

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