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Marketing Director

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We are seeking a Marketing Director who will design and Implement marketing strategy for our brand and propositions, liaise with agencies, source, recruit and develop marketing talent and act as an evangelist for our brand, products and services.

It’s important to note that you’ll be joining a demanding, ambitious technology company at an early stage, so we’ll expect you to take ownership and feel responsibility for a broad range of things that will help us succeed with our customers. For ambitious, entrepreneurial candidates, you will have an excellent opportunity to make your mark driving growth and delivering commercial results.


— design strategies and processes that deliver our vision successfully to our proliferating multichannel digital world; understand what it takes for us to ‘break through the noise’ of the media marketplace and proliferate in a variety of channels;

— build an operational and diplomatic culture within the marketing department to bring strategy to life;

— design a consistently positive, rewarding experience across all brand touchpoints with system-wide thinking and an integrated service-delivery approach;

— have P&L responsibility - show the ROI of every pound spent on marketing and how it delivers against our bottom line, continuing to demonstrate value of marketing to board and Founders;

— be one of the key people driving ‘change’ agenda in the business: your deep insights into influencing customer behaviours and responding to market trends means that you need to identify what changes are necessary and then motivate and help drive the required changes through the organisation;

— forge strong working relationships with Founders and senior management, building bridges across functions, demonstrating the value of marketing, and helping others succeed is a core factor in your ability to succeed;

— Build a brand with a PURPOSE (transparency, trust, safety, value, etc.) and keep that brand safe;

— integrating social sustainability and environmental responsibility together with the sales side to innovate the business model;

— use soft skills to bring data-driven insights to all decisions, build effective bridges across the organisation and use their experience and acumen to drive above-market growth to build profile and influence;

— bridge internal communications and external marketing - both must be saying the same thing;

— Communicating brand agenda and consumer agenda clearly within the company throughout all the functions and integrating the marketing vision with everyone;

— Leverage existing relationships with media and other companies that will benefit our brand

— Establish aggressive timeline with Founders for building the marketing department and skill at bringing in talent


— understand the connection between growth and customer satisfaction and know how marketing can forge that bond;

— help define customer experience and align it with our brand to build tighter customer relationships;

— use social media to create a transparent, customer-oriented business that’s having conversations with customers;

— understand the gap between our existing customers and new customers that don’t quite ‘get’ it;

— Be a key ‘voice of the customer’ within our organisation, distilling and articulating our solutions to the needs of our diverse and quickly growing customer base (understanding how we engineer our communications, service and product for the personas of our clients);


— demonstrate a deep knowledge of how to use research, data and analytics as tools to deliver meaningful insight into our markets and our consumer’s decision journey;

— discover data-driven insights that drive growth and an immediate responsiveness to data feedback to drive behaviour change to improve MROI

— convert that data into value.

About Digital Reality Corp

Digital Reality Corp is a spatial technology company that specialises in bringing optics and machine learning into the everyday. Were building a next-generation platform of tools and services that will help everyone learn to see differently. We value Ambition, Design, Purpose and Belief.

The company and the products we are building are currently in beta and we are operating in stealth mode meaning we cant say too much without an NDA except to get in touch. We’re open to people from all walks of life and value diversity at our company — join us today!

The Director of Marketing has experience building marketing departments for large, highly visible B2B or B2C tech companies. They will be focused on determining the key differentiators in our data product and service and will be responsible for designing the complete marketing strategy for us.

They will have the ability to contribute to the development of the USP’s of the company’s individual products and services whilst developing a cohesive marketing approach for the larger brand. They will also be responsible for the full implementation of this plan and liaise with various agencies in fulfilling product launches, media plans and market presence. The Director of Marketing will have a successful track record in technology launch strategy and customer analytics and be someone who is tremendously engaging for our whole organisation.


— Have at least 5 years of commercial experience in marketing high visibility technology companies.

— Have experience selecting and managing creative agencies or marketing services

— Have line management experience and built effective, impactful teams

— Be able to provide evidence of entrepreneurial experiences e.g. self-directed working, ownership and ambition, organisation and project management skills – you’ll need these to balance the fast moving and fluid demands of working in a startup environment.

— Show you have the confidence to operate independently but the humility to involve stakeholders and test your approach openly.

You Ideally:

— Have experience and interest in related fields e.g. technology, B2B sales, software, virtual reality, real estate.

If not for the complementary speciality gin trolley, beer fridge, giant VR zone with all the latest toys, darts, table tennis and the odd bundle of bacon sandwiches, join us because we are a hugely ambitious product-led company with extremely high standards for what we build and aspirations to fundamentally disrupt multiple markets.
published: Jan. 19, 2018

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