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Mentor in Digital Marketing

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Were the first fully online (and live) school for entrepreneurs and freelances.

Everyday, we teach thousands of students the skills that really matter.

We are looking for more mentors in Digital Marketing (copywriting, Facebook Ads, SEO, etc...), Dropshipping, Website Creation (Shopify, WordPress) to join our team !

What makes a great Mentor ?

===> TEACHING - A passion for teaching <===

Key soft skills : presentation, networking, curiosity
Key KPIs : student satisfaction (NPS), attendance to live

  • As a member of the Academics team, led by Alexandre Dana - our CEO, youre responsible for preparing and conducting the weekly live training sessions of your disciplines
  • Always in quest for an enhanced experience for the students, you will carefully monitor Academics Experience KPIs in order to identify (and deploy) improvement opportunities
  • You will build and consolidate a network of experts in your subject - which you will occasionally invite to collaborate on specific projects or during live sessions

CONSULTING - Youre every students best friend

Key soft skills : empathy, transparency and a very agile mind.
Key KPIs : Student satisfaction (NPS), repeat, retention (refunds)

  • Youre here for our students (via email, calls or through Facebook - or even carrier pigeon if youd like) : youre an avid listener, but a very efficient one !
  • You come up with concrete action plans, always making sure to tailor your speech to the students profile : were a human driven business, lets not change that !
  • You are a living library - full of resources - and you cultivate it! You always have a great example in mind to illustrate your speech and help our students grow!

SCALE & GROWTH - A dedication to pushing our product to the next level

Key soft skills : iteration, at ease with ambiguity, perspective

  • Product owner - youre responsible for making your Masterclass the best in town (and in class!) - this means preparing offline/online activation operations (events, content, Facebook Live, etc...), designing tools which will make the student experience amazing... In short, building our competitive advantage for the future !

  • Understand what makes a great student experience and work with all support functions (marketing, HR, tech) to enhance it.
  • Take part to the recruitment and the training of new members, creating an Experience squad which will be hard to match.
  • Ability to step up quickly to a new role - as we grow (and we grow fast), the capacity to develop new skills such as management, operation design and expansion strategy will be key. The only question is : are you ready for it ?

Its a job we invented - but we know the following profiles are great fits :

Former entrepreneurs are diamonds for us

But also...

- Former startup coaches (VC, coaches in incubators, fundraisers...)
- Former consultant in digital marketing, preferably with an experience with various type of clients (including SME)
- Former start up employees with a true hands on experience (sales, growth, customer care...)
- People with an impressive drive - former athletes, artists...

  • French (at least conversational)
  • Full-time OR Part-time contracts (2-month minimum with no other engagement)
  • Accelerated accountability and learning
  • An exposure to a wide range of jobs in the organization
  • Gain valuable leadership experience and people skills
  • Hone your written communication and teaching abilities
  • Create meaningful relationships with people from around the world !!!!!! (they send us postcards, yes.)
published: Aug. 14, 2018

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