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Operational Assistant

full-time Konfid io GmbH Berlin


At Konfidio, we are building the systems and infrastructure for production-grade blockchain applications that solve real-world user needs of today and tomorrow.

We are looking for an Operations Manager to work with the CEO of Konfid.io, Mervyn Maistry. You would work as a core member of the operation team of our venture development studio, pushing forward the efficiency of our ventures. We are looking for candidates who love to works effectively and respond quickly to requests.


  • Provide a variety of administrative support to multiple projects
  • Assist in the onboarding process for new hires
  • Ensure that all the payment and invoices are delivered in time
  • Draft cost accounting reports for the management
  • Source documents and archive them to ease the company operations
  • Generate ideas to innovate and improve the operational processes of Konfid.io
  • Maintain the office condition and arrange necessary repairs
  • You must be able to effectively work and communicate with others, provide and implement project solutions while understanding process workflows
  • Relevant experience in accounting and administration
  • Fluent in English and German
  • Ability to work well under pressure, self confidence, and a positive attitude
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills, balanced by the ability to multitask
  • You are self-motivated and detail oriented

published: Sept. 12, 2019

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