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Operations & Events Associate

full-time Hack Partners London

Hack Partners is a company for change makers. Our goal is to drive forward innovation in the future’s most critical industries. The first industry we have chosen is rail due to its importance in enhancing social and economic mobility. We make this change happen by:

  • Running world-leading hackathons across the globe bringing our clients and change makers together as a community to rapidly solve their most complex problems
  • Accelerating the adoption of new innovations with key pilot clients
  • Scaling validated innovations and solutions across the industry to other customers and their users

Our flagship hackathon, known as the “HackTrain”, is a movement leading innovation across Europe influencing policy change, bringing the entire industry together, and rapidly solving industry problems.

Your role consists of organising all Hack Partners events as we set on our goal to transition from startup to scale-up. You can expect to undertake some of the following:

  • Organising all food, merchandise, venues, prizes, accommodation and transport for attendees of our hackathons
  • Working with the Head of Operations with the office management and business operations for a team of 9

You will be at the heart of a truly unique movement that will have a massive impact within the UK economy. Here are some examples of what you will be doing:

  • Running all our events including our hackathons which take place on 2-3 weekends a year
  • Handling the company’s hello email inbox will form a routine task on your to-do list
  • Assisting the Head of Operations in setting up internal structures and processes i.e. file management system, peer feedback reviews
  • Ensuring the team has the resources it needs to perform in a comfortable manner

Inherent skills (Essential)

  • Your passion lies in organising chaos, so firefighting should be natural to you and you will enjoy triaging problems and solving them quickly. You are also able to spot potential disasters and plan for backups should these potential problems arise
  • You like efficiency and are conscious of reducing redundancy in the context of effort, time or costs.
  • You are analytical and few things overwhelm you which leads to you regularly breaking big problems down into smaller manageable chunks to solve. As a result, you easily construct and deconstruct logic flows which results in a quick uptake of any google sheets/excel function/formula.
  • You have an eye-for-detail and can detect an errant typo/mistake in a 100 page slide deck without fail
  • Going above and beyond to perfect important responsibilities is almost an OCD of yours. You recognise that the world is changing faster than ever before and care about staying ahead of the game.

Desirable skills

You are a PERFECT fit if:

  • You are comfortable with handling 30+ suppliers at the same time and have managed offices for teams of 5 or more
  • You have worked in a fast-moving tech startup or small teams and enjoy the dynamic nature of such teams/companies; Decisions are made and changed very quickly in our team
  • You are passionate about innovation and the transport industry
  • You use Asana, Slack, Xero daily and have knowledge of how to use Google Drive for Business services

Salary: £25,000 - £30,000 per annum depending on experience

What do you get?

The opportunity to fundamentally change and improve the transport industry

A level of responsibility few organisations elsewhere can offer

You will receive dedicated mentoring, coaching and career development from established members of the team

The opportunity to engage with and work alongside our young innovators, key partners in the transport industry and RailTech startups

Why wouldn’t you join us?

If you:

  • Want an easy ride where you can coast along - that’s not us, you will be making change happen, this does not happen by coasting.
  • Don’t like change - we make change so you should be an advocate for it :)
  • Are not in it for the long-term - the industries we work in can be incredibly slow to innovate, we are helping them change this but it doesn’t happen overnight. At times it is frustrating, but being patient and able to play some of the long game will go a long way.
  • Are not a collaborative person - we deeply care and want to help each and everyone of our clients and people on a personal level. Join us because you recognise its important to work together side-by-side to make change, not alone.
  • Do not like to challenge - we are a growing company that looks to challenge our clients and each other regularly. Please come and challenge us :)

published: Nov. 30, 2018

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