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React Native Engineer, Just to build a BANK

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Who are we, what do we do? 🚀🌟

11:FS is a challenger consultancy that builds and launches next generation digital propositions for some of the biggest banks in the world.

We have pulled together a stellar team who have co-founded and grown challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, and Tandem, lead the technology platform at Nutmeg, transformed banks like Lloyds, and developed Blockchain applications at Barclays.

We don’t work like an agency, as we are effectively building and launching new startup fintech propositions for our clients. Like a special forces team, we get a lot of leeway to make it happen while protecting the reputation of our tier 1 clients.

Our ultimate aim is to transform financial services across the world, and positively impact the lives of millions of customers by delivering truly digital financial services to retail, business, corporate, insurance, and asset management customers.

Everyone in our team has a relentless drive towards getting shit done and changing the industry that we love.

What youll be doing, 💼🤓

We are looking for a skilled React Native engineer to become a core part of building a next generation small business bank backed by a major player in the UK. Together we will be improving the financial lives of millions of entrepreneurs.

You will work in a small product / design / team to create user experiences that will set the bar for everyone else. Jason, an 11:FS co-founder put together and lead the product / proposition team for Monzo, and we are looking to do the same thing again, but better!

So you’ll join a team of Tandem, Nutmeg, Monzo, Starling alumni about to do something very special! Quote CTO, Ewan Silver

To make this happen, you will need to be someone we like. Joking. We want you to be how we described below, but lets face it theres no unicorn 🦄🦄🌟🌟 out there. You simply need to know what we thrive for, and what makes us tick. I think thats far more difficult that having these experience and skills:

We work just like you’d expect us to work. We strongly believe that you create and iterate, rather than analyse and plan for months, so our architecture and infrastructure will follow that approach, with small, fast, and regular updates. At a minimum you’ll have experience of cloud based, continuous deployment, and you’ll understand that with this awesome power comes a lot of responsibility.

We are looking for an experienced engineer with battle scars gained by having to troubleshoot issues at some horrible time in the morning. Expect us to ask about how you trouble shoot issues and demonstrate, with actions, that you understand that ops and quality assurance is EVERYONE’s job.

If you build it, you will run it, so do a good job!

This is a career defining opportunity for the right person, and we think you are up for the challenge!

Some of the things we deem benefits? 👑♛🤡

11:FS is just 2 years old and whilst we are a startup, we dont behave like one at most times. So think Flexible Working, competitive salary/day rate, and the autonomy to enable you to help shape the destiny of this great company. Youll be joining us to work with one of THE BEST teams in financial services. And this goes to saying that we have an outstanding team of company leaders, project leaders and subject matter of experts in every division you come into.

published: Sept. 9, 2018

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