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Centrifuge is looking for an experienced Rust engineer to join the Centrifuge Chain team. The team is building a blockchain with Rust and Parity Substrate to scale the Centrifuge network and create a public chain to bring any financial supply chain and "real-world" asset on chain and into the DeFi ecosystem. You have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge blockchain technology: Parity Substrate, Polkadot, Ethereum bridges, zkSNARKs, and more.

You are an experienced developer, have worked with Rust and care about decentralized technology. You want to join a team of experienced technologists and business people, who really care about writing high quality, open-source systems that solve real problems. You are self-motivated and don't need many directions to get a job done together with your teammates. We are knowledgeable, curious, and nice people, who have a shared vision to re-shape the world of business software. We would love to hear from you if this feels like a good home for you.

Centrifuge's main office is located in Kreuzberg in Berlin close to other leading Blockchain projects such as Gnosis, Parity, Cosmos, Web3 Foundation, and more. Most of our team is based in Berlin but remote work is a possibility.


  • Write clean, maintainable, secure blockchain code.
  • Build software with Rust, occasionally working with tools and applications that support the Centrifuge Chain (e.g. front-end for the Chain, Ethereum bridges).
  • Support other internal and external teams integrating with Centrifuge Chain.
  • Work on our open-source codebase together with internal and external contributors.
  • Support the Centrifuge network overall: Users, Validators, system integrators, and more.
  • Scalability, security, and ease of deployment for our end-users are key.
  • Drive your projects from inception to completion by owning your own deliverable and collaborating with your teammates.
  • Be a strong individual contributor in our team-oriented environment. We care about our team and people and value collaboration.


  • You have 5+ years of professional software development experience and already contributed to open source projects.
  • You professionally developed software written in Rust for 2+ years.
  • You like solving problems and working with smart, nice people.
  • A strong and proven computer science or computer engineering background.
  • Track record of high quality, well-crafted code that has been used in production environments.
  • Leadership and architecture experience are a plus, knowledge of finance IT won’t hurt

A plus:

  • You are familiar with cryptographic algorithms, decentralized systems, distributed consensus systems, and security and trust reduction.
  • You have authored or been a major contributor to open source projects in the Rust ecosystem.
  • You know your way around writing code for large-scale peer to peer or blockchain applications.
  • Experience with contributing to and managing open source projects.
  • Experience shipping and maintaining code that is used in enterprise environments.

About Centrifuge
Centrifuge is the decentralized operating system to power global trade and commerce. We are building the systems and tools on public blockchain infrastructure to enable open, fair, and transparent business within the Financial Supply Chain.

Over the last 20 years, we built companies and software to address major issues in the world of Procure to Pay. Global large-scale business networks, invoicing between companies, providing financing for the supply chain - to name a few services we created over the years.

Centrifuge OS allows businesses to transact on a global, decentralized network while maintaining control of their data. It democratizes access to business processes, makes the supply chain more transparent, and removes the middle-men who extract money from the global economy for their own sake.

published: Sept. 10, 2019

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