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Senior Software Engineer

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We’re looking for a Senior Software Engineer to help us improve the software architecture and user interface of our autonomous customer service robots.

Botsandus are building a social robotics platform to help organisations interact with and learn about their customers and guests. We have developed our own robotics platform to support this goal, and we are looking for a new team member who can help us scale up our technical expertise and development resources.

We’re looking for candidates with at least 3 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Web platform software development using HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Server-side software development using technologies like Rails, Go, Rust and Python
  • Distributed real-time systems using technologies like WebRTC and Websockets
  • System architecture design and development
  • Participation in team-wide code and architecture reviews
  • Research, development, and testing of software prototypes
  • Automated testing
  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

Our platform uses a variety of different software platforms to provide services both on our robot fleet and remotely – we’re especially interested in candidates who are flexible in their approach, and willing to use a mix of different technologies and frameworks as appropriate for specific tasks. For example, we use web-stack technologies like Typescript and Sass for UI development; Python and Rust for natural language processing, Go for providing high-performance backend services; and Ruby for building complex server-side applications.

You will be responsible for significant portions of the software for the projects you are assigned to and will own your projects from conception, through design and implementation, to support.

You will work closely with the rest of the development team to make sure that we are delivering well engineered solutions, and will help the production team initiate mass manufacturing on the results.

From time you time, you may be required to help in the following other areas:

  • Demo development and testing
  • Mentoring and assisting with supervision of interns
  • Attending trade shows and conferences

Example projects

We’ll be expecting you to work on a variety of different projects to support the goals above. Some of these are likely to include:

  • Building new user interface elements for use on our robot fleet
  • Designing and implementing architectures for logging real-time events
  • Designing user-facing dashboards for exposing and analysing large-scale data collected from our robot fleet
  • Integrating with third-party services to fetch and transform information for audio presentation to users.

As a company, we’re definitely in the start-up phase of our life and you’ll be joining us at an early stage. You’ll have to be flexible and open to working in a variety of different roles - but we hope that will offer a great experience for a motivated engineer.

We are a diverse, remote-friendly team (though we have an amazing office and workshop space in West London). We have flexible working hours – as a startup we have occasional deadlines to meet, but work-life balance is important to us, so we’ll try to keep any disruption to a minimum. You’ll receive a market-rate salary and your choice of equipment, as well as an annual training and conference budget. We use loads of open-source software, and we’d love for you to contribute to projects while you are here – and you’re welcome to take some time for personal projects too.
published: April 6, 2019

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