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Software Engineer - Data Platform

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Elliptic is looking for an ambitious, passionate, hands-on technology leader to help expand our cutting-edge blockchain analysis platform. As a Senior Software Engineer for our Data Platform, we expect you to have both strong coding abilities and a passion for developing a high-performing team comprised of engineers, data scientists, and data analysts. You will drive forward the design and development of our core systems while building a positive team culture where you are supporting colleagues and empowering them to grow as technical leaders and people. We leverage open source technologies but have also written our own high-performance in-memory data pipelines and analytics engine. This is an area you will be actively involved in developing.

Overall you will collaborate with engineers and data scientists to develop high performance, flexible data pipelines, visualisations, and analytical systems :

● Immerse yourself in blockchain - how it works and the various services that use them

● Guide the technical implementation of our data harvesting, curation, and analytics systems

● Help make architectural decisions (and implement them!)

● Research, prototype, and recommend new technologies and frameworks

● Provide technical leadership and mentoring to a team of engineers and data scientists

From an engineering point-of-view the biggest challenges are:

● Balancing high-performance data processing with flexible querying and auditability

● Ensuring a single source of truth and a robust ontology for recording facts about participants on the blockchain

● Keeping track of downstream impacts of changes to the data platform

● Staying on top of blockchain developments, forks, etc. that could affect our systems

● 7+ years industry experience with core Java and other relevant languages

● Strong CS fundamentals, including good working knowledge of algorithms, data structures, and concurrency.

● A passion for developing and mentoring team members

● Highly developed technical and people troubleshooting skills

● Expertise with data pipelines and modeling for analytic scenarios (SQL, NoSQL, Graph databases)

● Rigor in engineering best-practices and devops

● Proficiency with Linux

● A fast learner with enthusiasm for learning new technologies and applying them appropriately (avoiding one-size-fits all solutions)

● Been actively involved in working with Product Managers to set priorities

● Excellent communication skills

Bonus points for:

● Exposure to real-time analytics and big data technologies (e.g. Spark, GraphX, Hadoop, Akka, ELK, etc.)

● Experience with graph databases (e.g. Neo4j)

● Familiarity with DevOps tools (e.g. Docker, Ansible, Hashicorp, Jenkins, etc.)

● Experience deploying to cloud infrastructure

● Appetite for discussions about economics, money, identity and privacy

● Interest in cryptocurrencies

published: Oct. 28, 2018

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