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Software Engineer - Technical Co-Founder

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Software Engineer - Technical Co-Founder

Yes, it’s the start up founder cliché. A commercial person desperately seeks a technical person. It is however, where we are. We were hoping we would bump into our dream co-founder in a lift one day but sadly, that hasn’t happened.

BASH is a start up at the very beginning of its journey. We have big plans to transform the world of party booking but can’t do it alone. We are looking for an experienced and skilled software engineer to come on board our team (note, it’s a very lean team) to work with us on the technical roadmap and oversee the UX, UI and development of our party and event booking platform.

We are seeking a co-founder but there is some high statistic quoted somewhere which says a high number of start-ups fail because of co-founder issues so we won’t jump into this too fast in fear of a nasty breakup. We’ll agree something for the early stages with a move to an equity, co-founder position if the relationship works out.

We’re based in Dublin but open to those interested who are not based here.

Rather than spilling the beans on all our plans here, if you’re interested in meeting for a coffee please get in touch and we can take it from there. When you get in touch, please tell us a little about your experience. We are ideally seeking someone who has experience with a start up or knows what chaos to expect with an ambitious start up.

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published: Oct. 17, 2017

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