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StartUp Roles (Barcelona based)

full-time peoplegofirst Barcelona

Barcelonas tech scene keeps pumping non-stop.

Business Angels, private investors or Venture capitals are betting for the Catalan ecosystem and along with business growth, the city needs people to maintain the life that marks its pace and character.

Human talent is the number one priceless element of the Barcelonas startUp equation.

We guide motivated professionals on their career paths and advising them on which steps should be taken.


Tech: backend, frontend, devops, Quality Assurance (manual and automation), User experience

Digital Sales, Operations, Marketing (user acquisition, marketer, SEO)

Agile methodologies: product owner, scrum master, agile coach

Working with top notch teams and for disruptive products

Living in a cosmopolitan sunny city

Enjoying catalan mediterranean lifestyle
published: Nov. 9, 2017

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