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Team Assistant/Office Manager

full-time 11:FS London

Who are we, what do we do? πŸš€πŸŒŸ

At 11:FS we dub ourselves as THE challenger consultancy. For us this means we rethink what it takes to operate in financial services top to bottom and help our partners to build and launch next generation digital propositions around the globe.

To do this we need an amazing team and we have scoured the globe to pull together the best in financial services and wider. Our people have co-founded and grown challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, and Tandem, led the technology platforms at Nutmeg, Befair and beyond and transformed banks like Lloyds, Halifax Barclays, QnB and Natwest.

Truth be told, 11:FS isnt really one company. It is a collection of startups around this theme. Our Consulting practice build new challengers globally like we have for Natwest with Mettle. Our Research and Benchmarking team creating the amazing product 11:FS Pulse used by the likes of Monzo, Starling, Natwest and Tesco Bank. Our 11:FS Foundry team who are bringing core banking and architecture into this age aiming to do to core banking what AWS did to data centres. Lastly we are a media company both in terms of the things that we do but the brand that we want to be.

Funnily enough though we don’t work like an agency, or a consultancy or research house for that matter. We are effectively building and launching new startups propositions for our clients and ourselves. Like a special forces team, we get a lot of leeway to make it happen while protecting the reputation of our tier 1 clients and ourselves.

Our singular focus for 11:FS across all our teams is about unleashing talent. We hire great people and get out of the way and allow them to unleash the talent they have to the opportunities that we have. Everyone in our team relentlessly drives towards getting sh!t done and improving the industry that we love.

Come and get on the rocket ship. πŸš€

What youll be doing, πŸ’ΌπŸ€“

✨We are on the look out for the next Mary Poppins to spread some magic over the 11:FS office! ✨

You will work across all 11:FS teams to support with day-to-day operations and administration. This is a varied role that offers a lot of scope to get involved with each service line area within the company. We’re looking for someone who enjoys paying attention to detail and has a bunch of exciting ideas they are not afraid to share. We are still a young company so we are not averse to change, and your opinion matters πŸ™‚

We would like someone who isn’t against getting their hands dirty, but is equally keen to develop their role as the company begins to grow. This person will be an upholder of our culture and ensure the office is the best it can possibly be.

Your key responsibilities include:

  • Office management πŸ’ͺ🏽- Ensuring our office environment functions efficiently and looks it’s best at all times in order to support each service line.
  • Team admin assistance πŸ—“- Pick up overflow admin tasks to lighten the support team load and quicken completion time to most effectively support the business.
  • Culture πŸ•ΊπŸΎπŸ’ƒπŸΌ- Support all teams in developing and promoting the 11:FS culture. Plan and run one team social per month, help improve employee on-boarding experience and assist in implementation of internal comms.

Although there is no typical week at 11:FS, your average may include the following:

  • Helping to devise and plan team events
  • Ordering supplies for the office
  • Organising birthday cards/work anniversary gifts
  • Helping the finance team with expenses and invoicing
  • Working with the Talent team to perfect on-boarding, following up on survey feedback and right to work checks.
  • Keeping on top of internal processes and providing training where needed for employees
  • Issuing DSE assessments and following up on outcomes
  • Adhoc projects including office relocation and design, travel booking, swag design and purchasing
  • Office management duties including: chasing up maintenance issues/raising WeWork tickets/meeting room sweeps/maintaining seating plan and ensuring desks are prepared for new starters/assisting with printing/post/maintaining plants


A-Level as a minimum

2 years+ experience in a similar role

Skills and experience:

Use of G-suite

Office & facilities management experience

Excellent communication skills

Strong written skills

published: Dec. 27, 2018

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