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Who are we, what do we do? ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒŸ

11:FS Consulting

At 11:FS we see ourselves as the challenger team dedicated to helping banks and FS players transform themselves and the industry we love. For us this means rethinking what it takes to operate in financial services top to bottom to help our partners build and launch next generation digital propositions around the globe.

To do this we need an amazing team so we have pulled together the best in financial services and beyond. Our people have co-founded and grown challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, and Tandem, led the technology platforms at Nutmeg, Betfair and beyond and transformed banks like Lloyds, Halifax, Barclays, QNB and Natwest.

Truth be told, 11:FS isnt really one company. It is a collection of startups united by purpose. Our Consulting practice builds challenger propositions globally, like we did for Natwest with Mettle. Our Research and Benchmarking team has built the amazing 11:FS Pulse service used by the likes of Monzo, Starling, Natwest and Tesco Bank. Our 11:FS Foundry team are transforming core banking and architecture, aiming to do to core banking what AWS did to data centres. Lastly we are a media company, generating content that supports our brand and changes the conversation - not necessarily in that order.

And yet we donโ€™t work like an agency, or a consultancy, or research house for that matter.

We are effectively building and launching new startup propositions for our clients and ourselves. We believe in treating every opportunity like a business, not a project. We believe in treating resources as if they were finite, even when they are plentiful, and our customers reputation is as important to us as our own.

We like to think of ourselves as an FS special forces team with singular focus and an execution mindset. To live up to this, we need the best talent in the market. We hire great people and get out of their way. Everyone in our team relentlessly drives towards getting sh!t done and improving the industry we love. Come and get on the rocket ship.

What youll be doing, ๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿค“

We are looking for skilled technical leaders to join us build a bank. Opportunities like this dont come by easy! Basically you should be back end engineers to work with our product, design and operations teams to help build out our next generation banking platforms. Responsible for creating the low level platform and core banking services you will help power our web, mobile and IOT/blockchain user interfaces and clients through our REST APIs.

We know that building high performance, highly scalable, always available, fault tolerant systems is a team game and so we want to know that you play well with others. Lone geniuses are brilliant - just not for us.

We strongly believe that you grow a system, rather than build it, so our architecture and infrastructure is designed to allow us to roll small bits of code to production really fast. And really often. At a minimum we want to see that you have experience of working in cloud based, continuous deployment type environments and that you can demonstrate that you understand that with this awesome power comes a lot of responsibility to make sure you are doing things right. We are mainly interested in making sure you have the right behaviours by default but we would also love to see you have good experience of using schedulers like Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon and containers like Docker.

Language wise, we donโ€™t believe that there is one ring to rule them all and so we definitely want to choose the right tool for the right job. That doesnโ€™t mean that it is a free for all and that anything goes, but we are looking for people who are comfortable with several languages and paradigms. If you speak functional AND OO then we definitely want to talk to you. Our back end services typically run either JVM (Java, Scala, Clojure) based languages, Go or something like Python/R for the analytics streams. For the front end we are React orientated and the mobile teams are native Android and IOS. The more languages and paradigms you are fluent in, the more we will probably like you!

If you build it, you will run it so do a good job!

Simple, build a banking platform which will improve the lives of millions of business people. Time to give back that stellar experience and talent you have learnt so far and contribute in making a change in this world! Quote, CTO Ewan Silver.

Some of the things we deem benefits? ๐Ÿ‘‘โ™›๐Ÿคก

11:FS is just 2 years old and whilst we are a startup, we dont behave like one at most times. So think Flexible Working, competitive salary/day rate, and the autonomy to enable you to help shape the destiny of this great company. Youll be joining us to work with one of THE BEST teams in financial services. And this goes to saying that we have an outstanding team of company leaders, project leaders and subject matter of experts in every division you come into.

You only live once, make it count

*No agencies please, were not trying to be rude, but very likely to ignore unsolicited CVs because its just not the way we do things here! ๐Ÿคž*

published: April 3, 2019

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