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Technical Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Technical talent acquisition specialist

We are hackmind. We specialize in supporting scientists and engineers to build their own decentralized artificial Intelligence companies. The program covers ideation, launch and fundraising from start to finish. We see the combination of talent, ambition empathy and mental agility as the ultimate currency.

Your job will be to build our talent strategy and then execute it. You will put together a roadmap with every step we need to take in order to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Lead our recruitment effort, end-to-end. It means you will help us find the first few people with technical and scientific backgrounds right away. Do this well, apply lessons learned. Do it better. Repeat.

  2. Build our team. You will get to help us choose who will be our co-workers for years to come. We are building a community.

  3. Lead and manage partnerships with universities, which should result in a student ambassadorship program.

All of this is measured, OKR'd, data-driven and consistent with our cultural strategy. We want someone who will be with us for the long run, driven by our culture of openness, trust and the creation of human well being through AI innovation.

In detail

  • You are required to: be analytical and think in terms of pipelines; set specific goals, then measure and evaluate them.
  • It is great to have some experience in: building and managing high-performance scientific and technical teams, pipeline-driven workflows, the tech talent landscape, the blockchain space.
  • A few things we will be looking to find out: your understanding of what it means to be data-driven and analytical; how good of a story teller you are; how good you are at finishing tasks; your overall understanding of the tech talent landscape;

published: March 7, 2019

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