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ConsenSys is amassing the tools and people needed to build a decentralized future. We are 650+ blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, designers, engineers, consultants, and business leaders across 6 continents who are motivated by the desire to create a healthier, more balanced world where equity is spread among those creating value, and new efficiencies are achieved across all industries. ConsenSys is a venture production studio, incubating 30+ projects building on the Ethereum blockchain.

We have ambitious goals. We are ambitious people. We believe in what we do and we believe in the team doing it.

Role of Video and Design:

ConsenSys is an increasingly complex organization, touching practically every aspect of blockchain technology. The role of the video and design team is to translate that complexity into a cohesive narrative with engaging and aesthetically pleasing communications products, in order to increase the awareness of blockchain in general, Ethereum more specifically, ConsenSys as a brand, and ConsenSys spokes (incubated projects being built on Ethereum).

The audience for the collateral produced by the team is business, general public, developer, government and academia. The team works closely with ConsenSys Solutions, global and regional teams, and ConsenSys spokes to further our mission of building and scaling a world where distributed applications and the Ethereum world computer enable a new class of frictionless, global commerce with inclusion for all.


  • Work with the ConsenSys global video, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), marketing and design teams to define project requirements, identify expectations, develop production timelines, create scripts and art direction
  • Create and work with raw footage from various shooters around the globe to create event videos, interviews, and other documentary style videos  
  • Source freelance video editors and work with them on the creation of “influencer-style” videos for the brand and spokes
  • Create animation and motion graphics, select engaging soundtracks
  • Source translations and generate localized versions in several languages
  • Publish videos on social platforms e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc

Skills Required:

  • A minimum of 4-6 years of experience in videography - apply with links to your portfolio / showreel
  • Exceptional design skills and eye for detail
  • Mastery of Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop fluency
  • Character animation, 2d vector animation, 3d animation and VFX a plus
  • Ability to shoot video as second camera a plus
  • Prior experience with startups and working with agile, cross-functional teams is a plus
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work across teams to make things happen
  • Highly organized with a strong sense of personal accountability
  • Ability to manage multiple projects independently
  • Strong knowledge of blockchain is not required, but the willingness to learn about the space to be able to create narratives is fundamental

What Makes Someone Successful in this Role?

  • ConsenSys is a decentralized, holacratic (non-hierarchical) company that is distributed across 28 countries - you need to be extremely self directed and self motivated as there is no one telling you what to do
  • Must be comfortable prioritizing and working with teams to identify needs and timing
  • Need to be very open and collaborative. You need to be respectful and conscientious of everyone’s opinions and needs while also ensuring that you are being transparent and including relevant stakeholders in your work
  • Demonstrated success in taking a service oriented approach and high level of ownership
  • Ideally have experience working in a startup environment where you have had to wear many hats at a time (and those hats may change periodically)
  • Experience working cross-functionally in a matrix environment and being the connective tissue between many different teams and collaborators
  • Ability to travel 15-30% may be required
  • Comfortable with a bit of organized chaos 

Why this is the Opportunity of a Lifetime?

We are in the early phases of adoption of an entirely new wave of technology that will fundamentally disrupt every industry. In 2017 alone, the market cap for crypto assets went from $15B to over $800B. Ethereum is leading the way with over 1000 DApps built on top of the platform and a community of developers that is tens of times larger than the next community. ConsenSys is a leader in the Ethereum space, working with startups, enterprises, governments, and nonprofits on projects across all industries and topics.
published: April 19, 2018

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