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VP Data Science

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About Cytora:

We are a high-growth FinTech startup using data and machine learning to revolutionise the insurance industry. You will be joining a product-centric organisation working to build machine learning products that are fundamentally changing the way insurers see the world, enabling them to move from an assumption-based understanding of risk, to an empirical, data-driven view.

The role:

We are looking for an inspirational senior Data Science leader. Your responsibilities include growing and managing a functional team of data scientists and actuaries. You and your team will be working across our interdisciplinary product teams to build Cytora’s high value B2B products and APIs. You will develop these in close collaboration with our customers from across the insurance industry.

At Cytora we are developing data and machine learning driven products which means that as a data science leader you will be directly responsible for the team working on some of the company’s most important and toughest challenges.

More specifically:

  • You will build and improve predictive models by using machine learning algorithms and techniques, such as GLMs and GBMs, and engineering predictive features from existing datasets
  • As we continuously acquire new datasets to enrich our models, you will use cutting-edge Data Science, NLP, and Computer Vision techniques to take advantage of their predictive power
  • You will work with Engineering to deploy your models into a live production environment, powering multinational insurers
  • You will apply cutting edge Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to our domain in innovative and creative ways
  • You will use your knowledge and experience to influence the development of our products and to mentor other members of the data science team

What working as a Data Scientist at Cytora looks like:

At Cytora, you will be working in an interdisciplinary team with data scientists, data analysts, actuaries, and software engineers. Our teams are product-centric, led by a product manager and a tech lead, and work towards a product roadmap. Working days begin with a stand up around a Kanban board to synchronise efforts. We take pride in peer reviewing colleagues’ work to ensure what we create is of high quality, reliable and well documented.

We share and discuss what we are working on in weekly data science seminars. We contribute by researching new techniques and approaches, and keep up to date with the scientific literature in paper reading lunches. The monthly AI reading group is a great opportunity to expand our data science and machine learning horizons. We also benefit from the guidance of our scientific advisors, including two professors of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing from the University of Cambridge.

Core values:

You start with the customer. Your thinking begins with a deep understanding of the customer’s world to ensure you build useful products that deliver measurable value. You have a proven ability to deliver machine learning products in production, that are loved by users. Rather than being focused on specific technical methodologies or tools, you are a passionate technical problem solver with a deep interest in domains including or adjacent to fintech, sports betting, loan underwriting, algorithmic trading, insurance risk modelling or fraud detection.

You ship fast and iterate. You are in the habit of putting features in front of customers before they are polished. Speed defines your success - perfection comes later.

You believe in impact, not ego. You are known for your strong interpersonal skills. Working with humility and empathy, you prioritise what is right for your team and your customers, regardless of the task or glory associated with it.

You slay dragons. From a high growth startup or similar background, you are used to prioritising ruthlessly to direct your and your team’s time to attack the most valuable problems, bravely and decisively. You ignore low impact problems to focus on whats most important.

Your background (not all required):

  • Product mindset (you have worked on a product principally enabled by data science, statistics or predictive analytics)
  • Strong organisational and leadership skills (you have managed a team of 10+ data scientists or engineers)
  • Passion for and interest in data science (you have a deep understanding of numerical disciplines including statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning, derived from a highly technical commercial or PhD level academic environment)
  • You have strong technical knowledge and credibility spanning predictive modelling, data management and visualization techniques, Python data science ecosystem or equivalent numerical environments
  • B2B experience (you have worked closely with large corporate customers, as opposed to only a direct to consumer context)
  • You have proven yourself as somebody who doesnt need to be told what to do next, radiating drive and energy, and with a conscious desire to work in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Pension Plan
  • Training & Development
  • Stock options

About Cytora

Cytora transforms underwriting for business insurance. The Cytora Risk Engine uses artificial intelligence to learn the patterns of risks over time, enabling insurers to improve profitability and deliver fairer prices to their customers.

At Cytora, you’ll have access to a network of world-class business minds and academics from leading global institutions. We celebrate originality and independent thinking, and work in decentralised teams, giving people the authority to own and solve problems creatively. You’ll be offered a competitive salary and share options, augmented by our private health insurance. To learn more about our culture and benefits visit our careers page:
published: Jan. 26, 2019

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